I am the lead cow.

Herd dynamics are an interesting thing. You usually have a lead cow, the one that will come up when the dinner call goes out and be first into the feed, pushing all the others out of the way. I've messed with my dynamic a bit, mostly through necessity as I move cows around to make sure they all get enough feed and I get enough milk.

I have all the cows back in the main paddock at the moment and was hoping to get a bit of a routine back. However when I was traipsing round the lantana the other day I realised something. I am the bloody lead cow! Even when I go down with no food, they won't come up until I get to them and head back up the hill. Maybe I need a cow onsie to be a bit more convincing. I also don't headbutt Laf off the bucket of pollard, so maybe I just don't command the respect to be a proper lead cow.