There's been a heated little discusion over at Murphs site about racism. But I don't want to talk about that, more about how people are quick to slap a label on a person or a group. Hey I'm guilty of it, I'd picked Murph as a bitter, right wing, red neck yank who just wanted to nuke the rest of the world and maybe even some of the more Democrat cities.

Now I'm not so sure, I think there would be something deeper driving his opinions. He's got a good apreciation of history and it's lessons. I'm not going to slot him in anywhere in my mind though, even if I disagree with most of his opinions.

Here in QLD we get the mother of all useless labels, which school did you attend. I went to a boozy business lunch once where I was asked by three seperate 50+ gentleman which school I had attended, I mean that's just sad.

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