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In which Beeso and the Doc close out 2016 by talking Skeptacon, the Streets (innit), authenticity, Lock Stock punk rock, crossreferencing, culture tourism, 1960s oscilloscopes, albums superfluous to requirements, Hooked On Recent Classics, fighting trucks vs fighting ham, sludgecore, another band playing Chuck Berry, longshortlisting for Album Of The Year, getting 86'd, propped up by nostalgia, opinions are like arseholes (show us yours), bad vs disappointing part umpteen and the most gangsta NRL club. Final set of albums of the year: Rise Above The Meadow by GreenleafSkydogs by The Sore LosersBlack Cherry by Goldfrapp (2003) and because we give the people what they want (give 'em what they need, hey) - Konnichiwa by Skepta. Have a fucking ace new years.

 Because ham ain't gonna fight itself

Because ham ain't gonna fight itself

Next time you hear from the After Dark (around the second week of Jan) it'll be our big 2016 best-of special, where we troll through the eighty-six (!!) new albums we reviewed on the pod this year to pick out our favourites of 2016, as well as our picks of each others' classic selections, and our most coveted award of all, the BALLS After Dark Busted Earbud for Worst New Album Of The Year (as with all these awards, limited to albums we actually reviewed in 2016. So Lana del Rey's off the hook this year).

Hit us up on Twunter or Facey withyour favourite albums of the year - particularly amongst those we've reviewed. Here's the master list of all the albums we've reviewed in After Dark Season 2016 (with Spotify links so you can jump in and listen for free):

BALLS After Dark new albums reviewed in 2016

BALLS After Dark classic albums reviewed in 2016

Last year's awards for reference:

Full TBPAD2015AOTY breakdown post with classic picks, Spotify links etc here.