BALLS.140 I don't want no snubs

In which Beeso and the Doc get into Blake Griffin: Clipper For Life, in the weeds, the Lee Jenkins Rebab Clinic, ping pong trophies, fixer-uppers, LBJ invites himself into the Dubs' heads, stoner unicorns, marginal interests, don't touch the talent, Beeso's best bets, Russ vs Embiid, getting salty in DC, PRUNTY SZN, don't read The Pick & Roll AU, punchy from swamp heat, Jazz themes, EPL competitive imbalance, buying into the game, Frank statements, shouts to Milli Vanilli, partying in Loganholme, #Legacy, Aussie Bert, the Herald Snub (#buythepaper), I bless the players down in Africa, good stadium food, bad stadium food, bad stadium design, losing at WIN, Wahoo and yahoos, goodnight grid girls and cross-promotional considerations.