BALLS After Dark.121 My mixtape brings all the tunes to the yard

It's our Mixtape Special, in which Beeso and the Doc wrap 2017 Unwrapped (our AOTY special), Abs in the menchies, retiring on top, old man hats, red mad and nude, lovely bits, summery summaries, The Curation, seamless transitions, signposts and movements, setting the table, Tay slander, Hov slander, bangers and fizzers, taking over the neighbourhood, pivoting ponies, making gravy, even deeper water, the downward spiral, Mike Patton Is Mike Patton In, secret tracks, what are you into, getting your $1.79 worth, coffee and beer > coffee in beer, mixtapes vs playlists, 80s cul de sacs, short attention spans, alphabetic copouts, recency bias, grotty old blues, fitting the flow, how to spell K21 and New York vs everybody. This week we reviewed Beeso's mixtape and the Doc's mixtape. Doc dumped a bunch of mixtape cover art from his back catalogue into a gallery on our FB page.Other mixtapes are available (send us yours and tell us about them, via socials or email) - including our glorious 2017 After Dark Mixtape, with our favourite tracks from albums we reviewed last year (and all the songs from last week's AOTY special.) Next week: the 2018 review season kicks off with K21's Any Given D-Day, BRMC's Wrong Creatures and the Hives' 2000 banger Veni Vidi Vicious. BALLS is also on iTunes: