BALLS After Dark.79 Nostalgia is a sometimes food

In which Beeso and the Doc talk 1996 Hottest 100 throwback tweets, trolling the trolls, shouts to Insurge, the Doc listens to the 2016 JJJ Hottest 100 so you don't have to, 'number of old people complaining' as a KPI, who plays who's new, 20 years of fringe RnB shit, Jan 26 making it awkward, why Gen X can't let go of JJJ, when voting gets political, walled gardens, Lando Calrissian doing work, French DJ porno music, insight worth paying for, ebony and ivory, sequels: the same but more of it, Nick Fury buttons, Facebook Dead, performative religion, the Godfather of grime, picking albums on the basis of Hashtag Content, the Brown Hornet, two turntables and a microphone.

This week we reviewed Run The Jewels 3, Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" and Atlantis - Hymns For Disco by K-OS (Beeso's nominated classic.) Next week: Wiley, Japandroids and old-school self-titled Baby Animals from 1991 - all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. We're doing another After Dark Mixtape for 2017 made up of our favourite tracks from new albums we've reviewed on the show; our 2016 Mixtape is also still available. If you're on Spotify, Triple J have full playlists available of previous Hottest 100s, including 1996 and 2016