We're on Omny Studio!

We're moving the BALLS Podcast to Omny Studio, an Australian podcast hosting outfit recommended by Actual Grown Up Podcasts like TOFOP and The Worst Idea Of All Time.

Check us out at https://omny.fm/shows/balls-with-dr-yobbo-and-beeso

Depending on your pod app, you may need to update your RSS feed. You can find these under 'Playlists' on our Omny.fm page. Apart from our main all-content feed, there's also playlists for listeners who prefer the BallSport or the After Dark.

We've also resurrected our iTunes Store presence, now that we've figured out that the Doc's predilection for using NSFW phraseology and salty sailor talk is almost definitely the reason we fell out of the Apple tree in the first place. Subscribe and review on iTunes here.