BALLS After Dark.81 Dumb music for dumb people

In which Beeso and the Doc talk about doing your research, loud and weird, not that Kendrick, They Don't Know What They're Doing, picking up the pace, things to do in Brisbane, what the kids know, how to get your song in the Hottest 100, the new umedjun, getting it on tape, getting worried when the Doc sounds unnaturally calm, Protomuse, there can be only one (unless there's a sequel), fried chicken, nineteen eighty sucks, Brian v Eddie, FLASH (AAHAAAHHHH), pissing on Patton, another kind of Magic, [redacted], the end of synthesizers, performative unwokeness and letters to the editor. (Shouts to our Special Metallica Correspondent on his new gig.)

This week's new albums were Gone Is Gone's Echolocation, Dune Rats' The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit and Queen's 1986 sort-of-Highlander-soundtrack-album A Kind Of Magic. Next week Beeso wants you to think on Thundamentals and the Thievery Corporation, a sentence which reads as some kind of evil psych-ops programme against people with lisps, while the Doc is dropping 1987's loudest clap-back at 1986, Guns 'N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction as the classic for the week. This, next and last week's albums are all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Standard promo mention for our After Dark Mixtape for 2017 and 2016.