BALLS.90 Iso Iso Baby

In which Beeso and the Doc kick off the new year by talking holidays (from televised sport), Xmas Day schadenfreude, Return Of The Day Of The Land Of The Zombie Grizz, bad KD isos, Beeso's Koaching Korner, the Servant, amateur trade machinists, the LA Cliparts, Atlanta burns it down*, flash Gordons, the AntiMavs, the Bucks stop nowhere, Mike Korver, things Kyrie is good at**, Boston: whiter than a ream of A4, 200 million reasons not to leave Sacramento, Randos in Chicago, stat counting, Renshaw enough, Adam gets verballed, Beeso loses bets, Chris Lynn does violence, Four Names Cartright has four names, KP24 declares Waugh (aka what makes a good selector and how do you assess it), the Doc predicts Handscomb's downfall, Stevo Keef, Pakistan's long year, (correctly) predicting NFL Wildcard Weekend and the EPL in four and a half minutes**.