BALLS After Dark.64 Obnoxious But Memorable: The BALLS Podcast Story

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss music versus television, making weird noises, passing the buck, artisanal mayonnaise, sneer and 'tude, whither cowpunk, Butch's stripes, reverse Midas, grunge-punk shit-takes, choices vs limitations, Hunters + Producers, it's all been done, Before They Were U2, Dave and Bernard, gravel rash, show your working, technical difficulties, Local Music Scene Celebrity Head, (The Return Of) The Secret Track, Ocean views, time and place, Good King Relentlessness, the Doc's forever war against power ballads, Beeso falls down a toilet repeatedly and patch protection (BYO carpet tape). This week's new albums were Spend The Night With Cheena and Savage Kings by Barrence Whitfield & the Savages with Powderfinger's Double Allergic working the classic shift on its 20th birthday. Next week: BadBadNotGood, Rival Sons and 2003-vintage Black Keys. This and next week's albums are always on our BALLS After Dark Playlist, with our 2016 picks up on the Mixtape. Hit @beeso up if you'd be interested in a BALLS patch. Not a patch for your balls. That would be different.