BALLS.75 "The taste... is-a not so bad"

In which Beeso and the Doc talk flogs and flags, how the LA Rams single-handedly ruined the first week of the NFL, not such a happy team at Hawthorn, Wayne Bennett's wrong kind of statement game, the Washington Generals of rugby league, why Olympic stadiums are shit for everything that's not the Olympics, pitch size variability, two point conversions and coaching cojones, RIP international rugby, hands away black seven, Visit Townsville, Nips moves south, a bad night for dickheads, Hodge can't dodge, Buddy can't sledge, Boonie cosplays as the Predator, whither Bangladesh, tears for two-tiers, big six hegemony, In Bruges, whiffs of dodgy, Rossi did a bad bad thing, the world's longest cold open, buying shirts and white men who can't jump.