BALLS After Dark.62 The Secret Pod Of Us

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss telling it like it is and/or was, why people have shit taste, the secret life of TV show theme songs, movie director mixtapes, sample clearance diving, remixes vs homages vs tributes vs ripoffs, kids TV Easter eggs, voices that don't fit their faces, random interludes, awkward vocals, long shortlists vs short longlists, production values, timing errors, The 1972, uncan my heat, making more of things that should be made more of, self-contradicting takes, complete gibberish, lazy sampling, Bristol via Sydney, We Are Professional Grade, before Berlin, the evolution of art forms, the inverse proportionality of Having Good New Ideas to Being Able To Afford Decent Producers, notorious hard cases and famous last words.

This week's new albums were by Dutchies DeWolff and Brooklyn NY's Screaming Females. Beeso's classic was courtesy Wicked Beat Sound System, circa 2000. Next week: Iggy Pop (no relation to Azalea), KT Tunstall (no relation to Arthur) and Koi Child (no relation to carp.) Usual blah blah blah about everything being on the Playlist and the year's best-to-date being on the Mixtape.