BALLS.71 F**k you Kitty, we're gonna spend the night outside

In which, with Beeso away up the coast, questionably-regular guest host Adamhfoto joins the Doc to talk tabloid traumas, curated narratives, rhythmic pingnastics, Ryan Lochte: Florida EveryMan, the diary of Juan Mata (hugs!), CAMERA ON MEEEE, the Bowls Podcast, "We did quite well for a country our size", why swimming only gets timed to hundredths of a second, when science isn't an exact science, #BeesoIsWrong, the GOAT, J-Rod pitch rantz, Smarsh is average, racial epithets, killing the Boomers (yes, it's entirely our fault they fucked it), before a mini After Dark on acid jazz hiphop, new Metallica, old classics, first drafts and shitty office jobs. 

No After Dark this week, as Beeso needs a good vacation from too much recreation; we'll hold over Stonefieldthe Julie Ruin and Gang Starr for next week.