BALLS After Dark.57 We Don't Need Another Kero

 Beeso back in the day, giving the ladies something to think about

Beeso back in the day, giving the ladies something to think about

In which Beeso and the Doc talk betting strategies, being too squeaky for Triple M, Blues Roots & Leaves festivals, less cowbell, Eau de Kerosene, the 'Rua, Dawn Raid's Golden Era, fun and games, unbeige albums, quotes for the ages, dinner party music, band menopause, going deliberately old, head canon, immense noises, scary album covers, degrees of metal, scarier album covers, Discovering Weekly, Forever Malcolm Young, sharing Vines, transitional albums, never go full Cletus, lost Epics, and the last good thing that happened to Shane van Gisbergen last weekend.

I’m a lesser version of you
— Beeso, Friday 29/8/16

This week's new albums were Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals' Call It Like It Is and Aaradhna's Brown Girl. The Doc's classic album this week was Shihadifipacihader's mid-'00s live comeback. Next week our new albums go Hives-dress-code monochrome with Black Tusk and White Denim, with Beeso opting to (angel) dust off some old Faith No More. All of the above is on our BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Yes yes calm down we're still working on the After Dark Mixtape, you facken toe-rags.

Weapon of choice for @theBALLSpodcast recording later tonight

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