BALLS After Dark.59 Test Pattern Special

In which Beeso and the Doc review new albums from Montaigne and Billy Talent, and argue (less than you might expect) about the classic merits of the Donnas' Spend The Night. Also: is there life on Mars, Florence and the Drum Machine, being the arbiters of style and taste, Ohhh Canada, Beeso has notes, fun fun fun (in the sun sun sun), woke 'n' roll, Stop Revive Survive, the Age of Vertumnus, getting Oasisbombed, 1988 Hyundai Excels, why forgetting your Patience really Grates, Aloha Pig City Records, two turntables and a microphone, classics you've never heard of versus classics you've never heard, remixes versus originals, can't stop/won't stop and east coast rap.

Beeso will return next week (contrary to reports) to counter the Doc's arguments on Stonefield, the Julie Ruin and Gang Starr's 1998 release Moment Of Truth. All of the above is on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist, with our favourite picks from the year so far representing on our After Dark Mixtape.

This isn't on Beeso's classic pick for next week, in case you were wondering