BALLS.68 You're Test Champion Now

In which notoriously scratchy openers Beeso and the Doc discuss eulogies for the not-quite-dead-yet, So You Wanna Be A Champion? [drops enormous riff], inventing words, dumping Davey Dum Dum, the gripes of Herath, going off on offies, beer tasting corner, cook 'n' root (in that order), Beeso hates Australia, tossing the toss, don't tell me show me, pay for play, gold medal dickswinging, NBA Lockouts 101, Waiters please, HHRDFDRTW, the biggest problem facing world cycling today, going fishing, BuzzBet365, fuck fuck Cronulla, #TeamUSA at #Rio2016, RIP circlework, hope trafficking, Beeso gets his hair cut, #rantz, Pep's pizza and Digby's dinner. 

So it was against the eventual NFC champion Bears of '06, not the 18-1 Pats - but Denny still knew who he thought he knew who they were. Or something.