BALLS After Dark.56 #WorseThanBoomers

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss going through The Change, Chinese-Australian Democracy, free samples, summer's over, #SCIENTSFACTS, time capsules, narratives and noveltronica, Yung Talent Time, nostalgia is shit, strudel juice, personal fuck music, the joy of Six, take care on the 86 tram, prophet forecasts, arseroboros, who rocks more than you do, glittery boobs, old skulls, Shihad O'Clock, never ask permission or forgiveness and Coming Soon To This Spotify. This week we reviewed the Avalanches' Wildflower and Yung's A Youthful Dream, plus Beeso's classic from Pornland; those plus next week's picks (Aaradhna, Ben Harper and Shihadifier Live) are all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Our new After Dark Mixtape is also a thing (which we really must get around to finishing).