BALLS After Dark.55 Entreduce Yourself

We're leaving New York City tonight \m/ >.< \m/

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In which Beeso and the Doc discuss bringing the heat, fine lines, no fun (my babe no fun), Beeso namedropping his hiphop mates again, the Doc namedropping his shitty teenage electronica again, Shitipedia writeups, Struggle Street: population Beeso, asking the Yoof, unnecessary sound effects, the BALLS After Dark Mixtape (under construction), complicated feels, Band In A Bubble, clarity of purpose, yet more evidence that Generation X will be worse than the baby boomers, Wankie Sinatra, drawing a line with two data points, Hashtag Content, why Zappa covers don't fly at the bowlo, wacka wacka wow wow, Not Safe For Anything, Ruined By The Top Shelf and parenting advice. This week we reviewed DJ Shadow's The Mountain Will Fall and Band of Skulls' By Default. Next week we will review the Avalanches' Wildflower and Yung's A Youthful Dream, and there ain't a goddamn thing you can do to stop us. MUAHAHAHAHAAAA. All that plus next week's classic from Pornland (yes, Beeso has picked fuck music again) on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. The Doc's obscure classic pick the Stalkers is available Elsewhere On The Internet.