BALLS After Dark.54 Garage Inc(oherent)

Hello boys and girls! This week's After Dark sees Beeso in a laptop join Adam and the Doc in a shed to agree to disagree about Black Mountain - IV, the Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway and the classicness of Brisbane hip-hop pioneers Shin Ki Row's debut album. Also this ep: getting off chops, wank verges, serious music, slow builds, lazy editing, Jizz Odyssey, whinery tours, robot fuckery, getting the clap, received nostalgia, impenetrable accents, LUXURY, avant-garde hiphop (may contain no actual traces of hiphop), Beeso does actual research, Katie Noonan Corner, the Metal Bands Union, desert island survival strategies, and why everywhere is Gympie when you're part of the team (or even when you're not).

This and next week's new albums (DJ Shadow - The Mountain Will Fall and Band of Skulls - By Default) are on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Our obscure Brisbane classic picks (Shin Ki Row and the Stalkers) are available elsewhere on the internet for your listening pleasure.