BALLS.65 So noone told you life was gonna be this waaayyyyy

In which two men shouting in a shed (the Doc and Adamhfoto) join a bearded halfmarathonist seemingly on leave from his barista gig (Beeso) to talk Wide World of Balls, Della Vedova, deep cuts and bruised egos, next year's Nike Iggy 2s, casual fans, gaping holes, the RANGZZZ the thing, feet (and hands) of Klay, shop windows shutting, OKC (U Next Tuesday), how doesn't this work, Bogut Plus, the Kings in the East, do you even bench bro, Darth Lacob, competitive balance, Al Horford Al The Time, Foran against, Cronaldo and Fat Fabio, what's German for "....a'ight?", DRINK, club legends, solo training, the dishlickers are done, fishicide, how have Red Bull fucked Dan this week, never go full Mitch's Mum, DRINK, Roger from Hawthorn, KYIEERRRGGGIOOSSHHHHH, gapless audio, Llittle Lleyton's Llegacy, Buzz off, Beeso's Mediawatch and Not That Coverdale. We apologise for any incoherence. DRINK.

Not something I thought I'd ever do but had a lot of fun #goldcoasthalfmarathon2016

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