BALLS After Dark.50.2 Desert Island Dicks 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

Yes kids it's Part 2 of our 50th Episode Desert Island Discs Spectacularrrrrrrr, in which host @Beeso, designated munter @DrYobbo and stunt butt (of many, many Def Leppard jokes) @adamhfoto bring the heat as they argue through each other's top fives. [Cue Commodore 64 crowd-cheer SFX that sounds a lot like thunderstorms on Beeso's roof.] Agenda items: Compost, more on that band that were around with the Stones, nah nah nah nah nah-nah-nah nah, blind truthers, surprise metal, equal opportunity sledging, rock cheese, fake drama and midlife crises, why you should never let Mike Patton get you a drink, Journey To Somewhere, the Doc's Keef Flint Gridwalk Update, missing puzzle pieces, the McDonalds cheeseburger of music, your new favourite compilation, Axl rises, Now That's What I Call The Hottest 100, and Chinese-Australian Democracy. Sincere thanks to Adam for guesting on this very special double ep of the show, and to everyone who sent in their desert island music feels, many of which were discussed in Part 1.


Next week we're back on format with the New Album Challenge - Beeso has picked newies from Sikh-Australian hiphop artist L-Fresh the Lion and Viking black metallurgists Amon Amarth, while the Doc is caping for Rage Against The Machine's debut as the classic. Back into '92, still in a room without a view. All of the above are available on the BALLS Spotify playlist, along with the album picks from AD.49.