BALLS.60 Squad goals

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss boomers ruining things, J-Rod likes big bats and he cannot lie, British balls behaving badly, champagne comedy, Delly channels Chris Paul, Steven Adams Getting Assaulted Face, Beeso gets rained on, CHO-K-C, momentum equals mass times velocity, Dubs in five, European expansion, Leiceland, our one mention of State of Origin in this entire episode, the English stay home, Ze Chermans win on penalties, Euro favourites, Serie D, Panenka Begins, fizzling finals, conference calls, BLAT with turkey, three and D, Drummond's brain hurts, Drop the Pilates, this week's Red Bullshit and a man forgets how to drink milk. Geek out with the Doc over the Euro squad lists here.