BALLS After Dark.51 Balls XI Punjab

In which Beeso and the Doc talk getting diabetes from leppards, Sikh and destroy, AllBlackface, you say Panjab I say Punjab, received voice, can you please give it up Savage, shouts to tha wimminz, DO IT PROPERLY, singled out, comedy vocals, one trick ponies, gargling Valvoline, Viking drinking games, steel and iron(y), back into '92, missing links, nu-metal: just say nu, Found Prophets, #WakeUpSheeple, the historically unmatched efficacy of boomer protest albums, great disappointments of the 1990s, kicking out other people's jams, Mumia Mia, the Matrix regurgitated, The Fucked Stripes, don't read the reviews, drugs with friends and friends with drugs. Beeso's new albums are from L-Fresh the Lion and Amon Amarth, while the Doc's classic is Rage Against The Machine's debut - all on the BALLS Spotify playlist, along with next week's triumvirate of The Kills, Car Seat Headrest and Lily Allen.