BALLS.61 Steph breaks ankles, steals dad's shoes

Beeso and the Doc are back and are not here to (a) fuck spiders or (b) listen to opposing points of view as they get into: the best around (nothin's gonna go and keep you down), cash grabs, filthy casuals, club and country, El Catalan, Arsene's been drunk shopping on eBay again, Steph's tennis shoes get roasted, my era's heroes > your era's heroes, the backlash to the reaction to the backlash to the reaction, Kerr's programmic specificity, red rags to a baller, Young Liberal anthem singers, Big Cans Bynum, England are rooned, 57 channels and nothing on, Robin Hood motherfuckers from Souvlakia, our contractually obligated Keef Flint reference, Money Bill Williams solves the Auckland housing crisis, don't shitpost ill of the dead, and why noone in the NBA can be fucked going to Rio whether their baby smiles at them or otherwise.