BALLS After Dark.49 Jangly Jangly Seppos

In which Beeso welcomes himself back to join the Doc inside the After Dark glasshouse to hurl rocks at classically trained pianists, people caping for the Lumineers, radio washed-ups offering advice on podcasting, conversation hours that go for 40 minutes, the insidious practise of Beesoing, the demise of gun axes, jangly Americana, cross-Commonwealth collaborations, stopping the BOATS, Wandering Off, Alley afterparties, the Doc's love letter to rock and roll, the rules of engagement for Desert Island Discs, golf, people who play golf, people who watch people spell things on television, vinyl freaks, Metallica's musical journey, death metal typefaces, sellouts a-brewing, Spotify heroes and Big L Literature journals that have less reach than our crappy podcasts. Includes bonus After After Dark which, as the name suggests, was recorded beforehand. AND IT'S SHUT DOWN.

Parquet CourtsThe Living End and Fat Freddy's BOATS were reviewed in this week's pod, and are available on the BALLS Spotify playlist along with the picks mentioned in this ep (L-Fresh, Amon Amarth and RATM's debut) which we'll get to in AD.51.

Next week is our 50th episode Desert Island Discs special, and we're welcoming listener submissions - send your top 5 (with reasons, if you got 'em) via tweet, DM or Facey post.