BALLS After Dark.48 Who wants to hear some old shit: The Accidental Metallica Special

It's time to start the music, it's time to hit the lights...

Yes mothers, it's time for the #BALLS After Dark Accidental Metallica Special. But first, Dr Yobbo welcomes Accidental Georgie Parker @adamhfoto to discuss answering his critics, having a finger on the pulse, one man bands, pregnant hipsters, Beesoing albums, promotional considerations, rage against the enemy, wheezing jets*, Berning out and/or fading away, Adam capes for every mediocre adult contemporary pop-rock act in Christendom, National Send A Nude Day, Captain Duffer, large lumps of metal, because nerds, monkey business aka never go full Steven Adams**, Orion rising, filthy riffs with filtier lyrics, Aussie kids are Kiwi kids, deliberately visiting Tamworth on purpose, and Beeso gets mail. Soon. Album reviews this week: Adam's millennial coworkers picked the Lumineers' Cleopatra, while his strong personal antipathy towards anything recorded in the past 20 years picked Metallica's Master Of Puppets. As mentioned last ep, Parquet CourtsThe Living End and Fat Freddy's BOATS will be on next week's After Dark, and on the BALLS Spotify playlist.

*Can we be arsed explaining the in-joke about the high school band? They played Better a lot. That'll do yeah?

**Yes we know (now) that Robert Trujillo (a) wasn't in Sepultura and (b) is actually Mexican-American not Brazilian. NOW who's accidentally racist huh