BALLS After Dark.46 Siren song of the anguished dying Wookiee

In which Beeso and the Doc talk running up that hill, getting chippy, oils ain't oils, talking to chicks on the internet, ruining your own argument, Smash B-Sides, Muster Bug, is this good?, Balkan by myself (I hope you understand), fuck the fucken Chili Peppers, rusted-on punishers, Best Of Breed, musical light switches, Beeso plugs his mates' bands, commitment to genre, the Empire strikes back, ¡Viva Espana!, tramps at the unibar, who is this generation's Beyonce, and THE PROBLEM WITH THE YOUTH OF TODAY.

New this week: The Heavy and Beastwars. Old this week: INXS. Old next week: The Cat Empire, King Gizzard (again) and classic Oils live at Goat Island. This and next week's albums are, as always, available for your listening pleasure on the BALLS Spotify playlist.

*Of course Mr Big weren't Kiwis, fuck knows where the Doc got that from