BALLS.55 Better call Saul

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss massive dysfunction, #PitinoGame ain't walking through that door, Lindividual brilliance, spews from the 6, flat track bullies, Bill Simmons Takes: Live From 2004, learning to count NBA style, the benefits of trading down, Lakers getting off Scott free, incompetent bespectacled masturbation enthusiasts, your moral obligation to get paid not what you deserve but what you have the leverage to negotiate, Beeso's Koaching Korner, the bleeding obvious, Stadler & Waldorf go large, Dallas Washed Baller Buyers Club, the Clips' fickle finger of fate, Daddy issues, 2 Blazed 2 Beat The Dubs, St Totteringham's Day II: Totter Harder, Dele versus Delly, Tim Duncan is nice to people and chaos ensues, smokin' with Laremy, coaching distractions, this week in #LVGIN, pisstake Poznans and our usual roundup of niche sports which matter only to us.

Bonus feature for our listeners: in tribute to Laremy Tunsil's draft stock, listen as the Doc's voice disintegrates in real time!