BALLS After Dark.41 The second coming of Cheesus

In which Beeso and the Doc talk Fully Sick Fat Habibs, Jeb(s)!, self-inflating singers, The 90s Revival: Blame The Parents, Nehwoebehem, Beeso's Soho Waco Yolo Fomo, WWOS montage music, rusty pipes, Shaun Goes Forth, Coxonless fours, ADAM WAS RIGHT, timing is everything, Twitter polls, the Doc recycles his cheesy old Blur post, insufferable hipsters, quantity over quality, mega mega white things, the death of Pablo, Blackstar 3.0, dog's breakfast with chips, Statham Of Origin, the Royal Fam loves the D, Netflix and Zero Chill, basement-dwelling nerd-trinket hoarders, and Mehdevil.

On this week's music menu Violent Soho and The Cult roll out new releases, while Beeso promotes Think Tank as the best of Blur's bunch. Next week: Underworld, Yeasayer and the White Stripes's '03 classic Elephant. As always, this and next week's selections are on the BALLS Spotify playlist.