BALLS.54 A word from our sponsor

In which Beeso and the Doc talk SPOOORRRRRT, fake ad reads, Brownie's bro-code bollocks, Olympic selections, Alan Jones' audience, improving golf, Cairns goes downhill, totes awks combox convos, Thibs to the Wolves, Beeso's Coaching Corner, foonkle injuries, TrueHoop, KD AIN'T CLUTCH part 37 and a half, Heroball Forever, is Westbrook's wifi working, edited highlights of other people's podcasts, a new Grand Wizard, MOAR Thibs to the Wolves, WHUFC to the EPL: fuck your narrative, whither the North East, Wallys with Brollys, relegation resets, getting owned badly, parachute payments, EVEN MOAR Thibs to the Wolves because Beeso has a compulsive obsession with a team that hasn't made the playoffs since the neolithic era and are run by muppets. So, much like his Suns then.