BALLS After Dark.43 Break the format

In which Beeso and the Doc hurl the established AD format in the #SeaBin and get into Coachella Live, You Am Her, band dynamics, how bizarre, Coachapalooza, golf: hard to cover and even harder to watch, same time next week, drug cheats wearing pink fluoro, you can go fuck yourself, Welcome Back Staffo, Adani and the Lakers, the Doc has length issues, no swag for punters, Keeno vs Sherliggett, Just Umedjun, AD alumni doing it live, Splendour 2001, Australian Democracy, Avalanche warnings, Dial-A-Remix, Homage For Men, Marlboro Red Bull, the benefits of just giving up, Record Store Daze and our wishes for all the ladies. Reviewed this week: fuck all of nowt. Reviewed next week: the stuff we said we'd review this week, namely Post Pop Depression, Wisdom Machine and Killervision. Last and next week's albums are, as always, available for your listening pleasure on the BALLS Spotify playlist.