Balls.51 Non-boring things

In which Beeso and the Doc talk mini-breaks, Socc' You Pay Me, system selections, RIP the Dubs, too many right wingers, Biggus Dickus, the Tesla launch, New Zealand is lumpy, Thibesota, Noah's (f)ark(ed), Swaggy P's jimmies get Russelled, the broken zombie Griz, the sum of other people's parts, high variance shambles, Tiger gets redshirted, being driven by demons, white men can't get drafted without getting booed, storytime with Keith and Dave, bereft of fucks, Loz v Gaze, baseball: not even for stats, Duke of Balls, Rat Pafter, hiphop beefs, uniform stupidity, Accidentally Richmond, boring league, performance detracting drugs, Hopopoate's day off, unqualified failures and Stoffel's just desserts.