BALLS After Dark.42 #BALLS and Biscuit

In which Beeso and the Doc talk to kids, discuss vocal astringency, the Hulltops, doing it yourself, living in interesting times, getting rocks chucked at you by Bathurst winners, Pleasantville, White-on-Black violence, Phil Rudd Drum Clinics, the Doc's truth, knowing them before they were cool, Pop music, smells like punk, the last ska punk band left in captivity, Dub Oh, Tiki tours, the Doc blanks on Che Fu's entire existence, beer chat, points vs playoffs redux, and we live call the Raw losing the Plate.

This week we review new albums by Underworld and Yeasayer, while chewing over whether Elephant was the White Stripes' best. Next week: Josh and Iggy, the Bennies and Salmonella Dub's classic Killervision. As always, this and next week's selections are on the BALLS Spotify playlist.