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In which Beeso and the Doc discuss the BS Report Report, confusion and delay, Welcome to Tairns, America is fukt, flagging interest, forgetting your Bad Dreems, harnessing rawness, fuck boomers, inside baseball, aggressive doo-wop, Munt Chucks, string theory, hip-hop: it's really difficult and let us tell you why at great length, mattress fetishists, the Roar and the cooked, S&M was NFG, shopping by label, Josh Freese finds yet another LA rock band to drum for, and another edition of our award-winning segment Keys To Understanding Kendrick.

In this week's ep we review new Frights, restrung Hilltops and '07-vintage Vasco Era. Next week: Wolfmother, Yuck and Portishead live in NYC. As always, this and next week's selections are on the BALLS Spotify playlist.