BALLS After Dark.40 Anyway here's Wonderwall

In a Very Special* 40th Episode of #BALLS After Dark, the Doc and Beeso discuss the Doc's twelve-beer singing voice, massive fans, Gold Coast Barbarians, Melbourne via Manchester, that guy at the party with the guitar, Yuck redux, Nirvana in pyjamas, how much fun it is to piss a lot of people off, the difficulties inherent in reviewing your mates' albums, hiphop for boomers, Do(ing) the Pop, Get up -> Get out -> Get loose, a better class of cock rock, Appetite For Filler, Malcolm's a cunt, Howlin' for you, your time has come, Blink Blank and cheese sandwiches. We apologise for the shithousedness of Beeso's two-cans-and-fishing-line internets, brought to you by Malcolm, who is a cunt. This week's new albums were by Strayan acts Urthboy and the DMAs, with Aucklanders the D4 providing the Doc's classic. Next week: Violent Soho and The Cult bring the new, while Beeso makes the classic case for Blur's post-peak effort Think Tank. As always, this and next week's selections are on the BALLS Spotify playlist.

*not in any way special