BALLS.43 CP3 suffers from overt clap

In which Beeso and the Doc talk the 12 Hours of SVG and Bathurst's code war, OKC at GSW, Durant to the Dubs!!! ( some bullshit Woj made up to pump his new website), Going Small for Dummies, the Kings are still terrible idiots, Beeso's Hot Take, Horny Horny Horny, private equity Dicks, having NO point (guard), medical issues in the NBA, McGarry and Mirra in memorium, the Wide World of Extreme Sports, Mankad vs the Fraternal Order of Batsmen, our comprehensive, thoughtful and flat-out-wrong Super Bowl 50 preview, Dank memes, submerging Origin players and Leicester Square-ly on top of the EPL table, for much less than you would expect to pay.