BALLS After Dark.34 Too many dicks on the dancefloor

In which Beeso and the Doc use their patriarchy-enforced, language-advisory internet platform to discuss Distracted By Alcohol: The Balls Podcast Story, digital downloading, Eurovision's hottest 100, Pants Joy and Shit Faker, population level privilege, Jobs for Kingsmill, Maximal Martin, ta-ta to Tay-Tay, Sorry You Roll, stankin' riffs, another band playing Chuck Berry, #ThanksMalcolm, Paaklife, trigger warnings, flat earth theory, Front End Loaded, Rubensesque, the smallest room and doing it LIVE. Reviewed this week: Anderson Paak's 'Malibu', Eleanor Friedberger's 'New View' and Them Crooked Vultures (self-titled, 2009). Next week: Savages, The Rubens and a double live classic by Hunters + Collectors. All of the above available for your perusal via our BALLS Spotify playlist. Erin Riley's much-discussed piece on St Kevin's old boys, Triple J and male privilege is at the Guardian. A reminder that the Venn diagram of people who the Doc describes as 'punishing' and people who he consistently loses internet arguments to is, like time, a flat circle.