BALLS.86 Cut Price D-D-D-Delly

In which Beeso and the Doc talk Ben Simmons as point guard, why aren't the T-Wolves any good, guess who isn't clutch again, the Dubs' imaginary defensive shortcomings, Beeso reads a book, Beeso reads another book, too many Chucks in the combox, Rob Gronk-goneski, a 'Which Bennett Is That' field guide, just winning baby, highly uneducated and reactionary NFL conference championship picks, undercooked Nuggets, fizzer Wizards, the Return Of The Zombie Grizz, the Eastern Suburbs Clippers, the greatest first round in NBA history, is Patty a starting PG, caping for Dan Tony, State of Flux wins Sheffield Shield, Lewis parks the bus*, the Taxpayers 500 heads north, Hashtag Legacy wins a thing, the NFL (still) cannot internet and, of course, #ForçaChape.

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*Recorded before Nico dropped the mic and walked, inspiring the Nix coach and the current NZ PM to do the same, citing burnout. Since burnouts are clearly important for the job we would like to nominate one particular Kiwi for the post: