BALLS.89 Blame It On The Boogie

In a Very* Special* Christmas Episode of The BALLS Podcast, Beeso and the Doc discuss the worst kind of 90s NBA throwbacks, forced perspective, multiplicative shit sandwiches, the vibe, supercars of the future, Volvo wagons of the past, Gabba Gabba hey, if there's grass on the pitch, the language, words Beeso can't say, the Doc has concerns, #IdiotCricket, Mark Waugh is unfamiliar with your first class record, rugby people say the darnedest things, Kawhisolation sets, nuggety ferrets, Wizard wheezes, Broke Griffin, the AFC West stays cray, expensive benchwarmers, Pep hates tackling, and Trent Woodhill versus the Charles Barkleys of Australian cricket aka analytics in T20 cricket (may include partner swapping, low-hanging fruit and malevolent gatekeepers). And to finish: our BALLS Podcast Faves Of The Year (people, teams, moments and events - no spoilers.)

*you know what this asterisk is for without us needing to explain it yeah