BALLS After Dark.65 ...Nice.

In which Beeso and the Doc talk wanting more of the same, white on black violence, getting over the bens, time and place, live at the Zoo, home brewing tips, big acts in small spaces, finishing moves, why 98% of people won't repost this, welcome to Jazz Club (grrreat), fuck Tyler, unprincipled protohipsters, the Doc manages to crowbar-in jokes he forgot to do last week, CONTINUE, no capitals, all-organic Discover Weekly, Crowes v Keys, laneway festivals, story time with Beeso, Billie Joe's new career, box-ticking exercises, Bernard albums, 1996 things, I should have changed that fucken track, lightning in a bottle, podcast patch kids, deep heads and tumbleweeds. In order of review, this week's classic was The Black Keys' Thickfreakness; the new albums were courtesy BadBadNotGood and Rival Sons. Next week: JEFF The Brotherhood, Deap Vally and Cake's Fashion Nugget. Find each in their entirety on the BALLS Podcast Spotify Playlist, with our picks of oh-one-six on our Spotify Mixtape.