BALLS After Dark.67 I'm a fool and I want attention

In which Beeso and the Doc review new Banks & Steelz ,newish Radiohead  and old-enough-to-drink-in-its-homeland Presidents of the United States of America, in between talking unexpected successes, problematic faves, jobs for the boys, set piece bits, excess baggage, Rose-Tinted Floyd, poo-laden shampoo, put H in it, editors wanted apply within, more cake, singing in supermarkets, how to get played on Triple J in 1995, mondegreen with envy, swearily catchy, insects and confectionery, being elected to rock yo' asses 'til midnight, sustainable career pathways, like a trolling moan, stupid boomer things, Dick gets deserved, fighting preconceptions, Spotify guest programmers, weird uncles, Luke Cage tunes, travelling through time and space to an era where U2 were good and interesting and not a bloated unironic stadium rock act, and the pilot episode of Thom Yorke's Million Dollar Listings. Next week: Brant Bjork, Electric Six and UNKLE - check them out on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist, and our picks of the year to date on our 2016 After Dark Mixtape. Also, here's that Prophets of Rage live concert which the Doc keeps banging on about.