BALLS After Dark.66 I'm a Quokka, I'm A Roller, I'm A Right-Out-Of-Controller

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss the western suburbs of the western suburbs, the Doc's shit Dylan impression, what's with the youth, album swapsies, misguided passion, halter and catch fire, conscious coupling, the worst people in the world, family singalongs, Korean diplomacy, owning a thing that isn't a thing, technical terms, short term memory loss, and everything you want and less.

This week: Deap Vally (Veruca Salt meets the Kills), JEFF The Brotherhood (Kyuss meets Weezer and gets on the bongs) and Cake's Fashion Nugget (Beeso meets the 90s.) Next week: Radiohead's moon pool thing and Interpol/Wu Tang side proj Banks & Steelz (because yeah we totally audibled out of that Prophets of Rage joint since it only had two singles we'd already heard and a couple of live tracks and fuck that when you can just go watch this full length live concert of theirs for free on the internet instead) plus the Doc nominates the Presidents of the United States of America (1995) for higher office. Current and immediate past review albums are on the BALLS Podcast Spotify Playlist, with our best of 2016 getting dropped into our Mixtape. Optimal.