BALLS.77 Bunga Bunga

In which Beeso and the Doc review the AFL and preview the NRL GFs, and talk close games versus good games, simple premises for simple people, don't @ me, edited highlights, getting the clap, Purple Queensland, 404 errors, money can't buy me wins, Brisbane are crap (aliens told us so), Wiki pedia, #IndividualBrilliance, plastic startups and loss leaders, Big Sam's career goes bung, Saturday I've got Wednesday on my mind, the Lineup of Deathstar, Embiid 1 Simmons 0, farewell KG, vale Max Walker, dual-sport stars, white Borderline fever, normal service resumed, the Formerly V8 Supercars people do a thing, big name imports, Newy NIMBYs, Nike third kits, less than Leicester and sacking Bob Murphy. Remember the BALLS Podcast, and Avagoodweekend.