BALLS.40 No Mo' Mou

Yeeeaaahhh, we back wit anotha one. In our first pod of the 2016 season, Beeso and the Doc get into giving the people what they want, putting the Dark before the horse, nobody cares about T20 (which is why it works), sixth men, the Doc's #NFLFeels, Ram-ifications of the NFL in LA, the Pats are the Spurs, the Washington Professional Racists, ex-FL, Jeff Van Gundy awards you no points at all and may God have mercy on your soul, NBA buyers and sellers, heavy traffic on the east side, learn to count with Kevin Durant, Spurs v Dubs, Knicks tape, no way for Jose, the return of Aussie Guus, three-three to the Arsenal, Dakar Noir and the Price is Right.