BALLS After Dark.18 Know who you are

In which, following another A1 quality intro, Beeso and the Doc get into Motörhead (because it's Motörhead), shit Stones covers and Lemmy the Immortal; Beeso struggles to discern subtleties inherent in the artform while the Doc starts wombling on like a fucking Steinlager ad, and/or Dr Seuss. The boys move on to Air Guitar Hero, Old White Person Music, playing your guitar with Murray, Paul Simon on DMT, the most ungoogleable bands in the world, another band playing Chuck Berry, having too many trumpet players, Sabbotaging your career, starting strong, young fathers on ketamine, Machiavelli vs Wanker, blessed are the tastemakers, and big shouts to our friends in the mining industry. Brand new and under review this week: Bad Magic by Motörhead and Algiers' self-titled debut. Beeso's Brisvegas Classic: the Resin Dogs' Grand Theft Audio.

Next week: new albums by Foals and Young Fathers, and an old one by TISM. Take your fucken choice.