Balls.27 Go home Cletuses

In a bumper episode of the internet's greatest sports-related podcast Beeso and the Doc check in with Keef Flint, get cancer from the NRL, talk catching fog and dead air, fat blokes running into each other, meat sweats, munters in the outer, fuck Easts, fuck Melbourne more, losing at home, NRL finals insights ("You're going to lose at some point unless you win"), Sydney's shit crowds and shitter stadia, played strong done Goodes, a nice day to go to the pub with Buddy's dad, Beeso hates fun, the time Kobe met Suzie the waitress, NFL Red Tube: ADHD in HD, Metta World Amnesty, Twatto and Hadds finally fuck off, England sucking at football, England sucking at rugby, our award-winning tennis coverage, R.E.S.T.E.C.P., and how Ian Baker-Finch earned his nickname.