BALLS After Dark.15 A Currents Affair

In which we forget how to introduce the After Dark, Kevin Parker forgets how to write a pop song, the evolutionary phylogeny of the impala, the prosecution rests, Macy Gray Power, don’t fake the funk, Fat Freddy’s Arse, giving the people what they want, doing it live, Fucken Boondall, Huge Riffage, the audio equivalent of running hill sprints, and what would happen if the Presidents of the United States of America were a hiphop act. Album Review Challenge entrants this week were Tame Impala’s Currents and Galactic’s Into The Deep. Classic album this week: AC/DC Live, which is a live album by AC/DC; some would say *the* live album by AC/DC.

On next week's After Dark: Muse’s Drones; Cosmic Psychos’ Cum The Raw Prawn; and a classic hiphop offering from Ugly Duckling.