BALLS EXTRA.01 Ashes to Ashes to Yet More Ashes.

In which Friend of the Pod @adamhfoto joins the Doc as our Special Guest Beeso to spout about Ian Healy, world’s greatest moron; Ashes to Ashes to yet more fucking Ashes; good tosse(r)s to lose; the Baggy Green Cult(ure); I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of John Buchanan’s Bootcamp; another ill-advised visit inside Nick Kyrgios’s head; Channel 9 ruining everything; apparently there’s a Rugby World Cup in about five weeks so we should probably talk about it and shit; Hands Away Black Seven; a message from the Invercargill Tourist Bureau; Country members and shit karaoke; putting the ‘tip’ back in footy tipping (because garbage) and the ‘bus’ back in Cbus Super Stadium (because Toyota Coaster sufficient to bring crowd to game); a bewildering amount of AFL talk; things not to ask the internet when people are watching; Dellavedova and out; Luc Longley’s lunch money; the future of sports broadcasting, Not The Darts, streaming on the sly (no not like that) and the Azimuth of Cheese and Penis that is Extreme's Pornograffiti.