Balls.18 I'm sure we've talked about this before

Beeso and the Doc pod at you LIVE* from the middle of NBA free agency where, as a great philosopher once said: "Buy it, sell it, the game's getting hard - cos someone's dealing you a losing card."** Like a pair of drunken colonoscopists Beeso and the Doc examine all the dramatic and disturbing movements, including Morris Plumlee to the Kings. Also this week: Beeso learns about geography, are its professional sports the only socialist constructs America believes in, what is the point of the NBL, whether 'tis nobler to be a lovable loser than an ugly winner, Sandra Sully vs Annabel Crabb celebrity deathmatch, and is Brad Haddin the anti(Gil)christ? No, he's just a very naughty boy. Guest starring a baby made of fruit inside a watermelon, modelled by Dr Mrs Beeso.

* Well, it was live at the time

** Whoever wrote the lyrics for the theme tune to shit early 90s British sitcom Bread, based on the unfunny misadventures of a dodgy family of Scouse chancers, wasting valuable time on a Saturday night before The Late Show