BALLS After Dark.13 I dug a hole Dad

In which Beeso and the Doc talk 80s hiphop, 90s electronica and 00s disco-grunge-whatever-the-fuck-Electric-Six-were, great Amiga games music, off-label Stones ripoffs, how sausages are made, AJ Magnay, the Four Kinsman's version of Cop Killa, Fucking Off For Ten Years Album Syndrome, Teenage Protracker Fury, the Doc prescribes Vaseline, a woman's touch, Straight Outta tha Country Club, and the cluelessness of Millennials aka things not to name your brand when breaking into the Chinese market. Old man bands reviewed this week: Public Enemy and the Chemical Brothers. PLUS: We say 'cookie cutter' so many times it loses all meaning,  the Doc tries to sing far too fucking much for everyone's liking, and we play 'Have they changed, or have we?' THE ANSWERS MAY SHOCK YOU.

Next week: after lolling about in '90s nostalgia for a couple of weeks, we wake up and smell the 2015 with Melbourne's Courtney Barnett and Auckland's Rackets, with STP's Core competencies assessed for classic status.

This ep of #BALLS After Dark brought to you by John Birmingham's Dave Against The Monsters series.